14 weeks individual project - All products in the photo were made by myself

*All the products shown on the photos are all handmade by myself.

Tremendous appreciation for those photographers who helped me with the research!

I interviewed 8 professional photographers and shadowed 8 photoshooting projects in 3 weeks. I googled a list of local professional photographers and called them asking if they could allow me to interview. Thank you those who helped a stranger like me to accomplish the project. I also had an honor to phone interview an NBA photographer and Justin Bastien.

I was a designer, engineer and ironworker

To figure out the best weight distribution when a laptop is placed on the dolly, I made lots of steel mockups with various heights and different sizes of wheels. I also needed to consider the collapse mechanism, so I looked into many golf cart and baby strollers.  It was a lot of engineering in this project.