Outdoor Backpack Design

During the 4-month internship in 2017, I did several backpack design for MHM. The first one is for high-mobility such as trail running, mountain biking and day hike. The backpack is small volume (20L), very light-weight, minimal, easy-access water and small objects.



What would a trail-runner pack? What features do they care most? What are the existing products? 

After online and in-store research, I made some conclusions based on my observation: The ideal pack holds user's body well enough to allow agility; water-bladder compatible; multiple external small pockets for snacks, water bottles and personal items (phone); water-resistent material; optional trekking pole holder (for extreme terrain).


chest secure

One big metal hook securing two shoulder straps allows user to unstrap faster. The air mesh shoulder strap and hip belt ensures the breathability. Front hydration bottle pockets and zippered pockets for snacks or phone.

Construction details

Fidlock (magnet hook) at the cinch top makes it easier and faster to open and close the pack. Helmet net attached at the bottom can secure bike helmet or be stowed when it's not used. User can store head lamp, extra batteries and keys in internal zipper pocket. 


External water bladder pocket

External pocket allows user to refill water bladder without open the pack and also separates the wet/dry parts. Without water bladder, the steel frame and suspension mesh create air tunnel for ventilation. 

Internal Cinch cord loop 

Invisible loop between two layers of fabric can easily be pulled from the top of the bag according to the user's needs. It adjusts the size of the bag. 

20170517_intern portfolio-12.jpg

30L hybrid day pack

Ridge is the bigger brother of Ultra. Keep the simplicity but with bigger volume, Ridge is a day pack ideal either for outdoor activity or urban exploration. 

Cinch adjustment

Adjust the volume by pulling the cinch cord between the layers. The extra cord can be stashed in the bottom pocket.



External side pockets can either carry trekking poles or water bottles.

Back panel with external hydration pocket

Light padded back panel with PE sheet support inside makes the pack light weight and low cost. External hydration pocket allows user to refill the bladder without open the bag and it also separates dry and wet part. Optional mesh hip belt can be stashed in the side pockets when it's not in use.

20170517_intern portfolio-16.jpg

Clamshell open

Clamshell serves more universal purpose - it allows easier access to laptop inside.


Lifestyle Pack CMF Application


Multi-functional day pack 

Designed for all season snowboarding and climbing. Click the image for more details and design process.



I designed 3 new car organizers: small car cubes, medium car organizer and trunk organizer.

Tech pack

Below is the example of small car cube tech pack and prototype.