Rebrand Green and Black's organic chocolate


Appreciate The gift from nature

Inspired by Dan Barber in Chef's Table, the new Green and Black's organic chocolate celebrates the sustainable eating. New series of products with new logo design and transparent packaging appeals more to millennials. 

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Research and Interview

To understand why chocolate appeals to people, I interviewed 5 chocolate lovers including chocolatier, Christine Hanson (at the right pic). She also explained the elements of good chocolate and the key factors in making process.

Besides interview and online survey, I also did in-store research, packaging trend analysis, chocolate experiment, and unmindmapping brainstorm to explore the possibilities.


Original Package and logo

While serif logotype gives the classic and elegant feeling, it lacks the appeal to younger generation. Gold foil stamping on the package relates to royalty, high-quality and sophisticate. But it also fails into old-style and raises the question of sustainability. Although metallized decorating has different types of processes but it may be a concern for some users.


Concept Statement

Product development

Logo development

Product Concept

Cocoa powder is pressed as leaf shape and sealed with water-soluble edible protein. User simply dip the cocoa powder leaf into hot milk and enjoy the hot cocoa milk.

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