This is the personal project I made in 2012 and put into the portfolio for applying the US design school at that time. It never shows in my website and I never talked about it besides my family, and they thought it was stupid to knit a sweater for an iPad. I just thought holding the ice cold iPad was not quite enjoyable in the winter. The sweater can also provide the protection (slightly)! 

Anyway, recently I saw a really cool video about interactive "fur mirror" installation and reminded me this handcraft I did.

The first one I used knitting needles then I found out it was too loose. It looks sloppy and easily slips away from the iPad. So I decided to learn new technique - crochet.

It was much more work to finish one piece by crochet... but it was perfectly tight and stiff. Part of it still made by knitting needles to make it more flexible.

Honestly I really like this one but none of my family members appreciate it.