A month ago I was going to meet my Taiwanese friend who I haven't seen since graduate (5 years!) in Jougert bar. It was a little bit chill in the afternoon and I was sitting in the shop with the short. The shop owner, Robert, asked if I want the door closed and have a hot tea. My friend and I had a good time in this cute shop. BTW I'm a huge fan of greek yogurt! I have greek yogurt almost every day!

Then I came to this shop again by myself and just sit down sketching. Robert saw my sketching and he really liked it. He asked if I could do some drawing for Jougert. 

Then I got really sick in the next week, busy at design event in the following week, then....lots of things postpone it...lol. Finally I spent two hours ideating based on the yogurt cups they offer and did the different versions of drawing.

Colored version  - 

I'm glad he loves it! :-)
He gave me a free large yogurt (Orange blossom) as reward. Hehe 

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