Below are some selected full-size photos I took in the national park. 

Ridge lake

Unfortunately, there was no fireworks at the place we stayed, Red Bluff. No hot dog was found either. We had hamburgers in an old American style restaurant as an embodiment of American spirit.

Next day is also the last day of the trip. No strenuous activity is planned before the day of going back to work.

Sonoma is a really cute place. Not many photos were taken because I was buzzed. Normally I don't drink but wine tasting here is free or very cheap. 
I also highly recommend the Figone's virgin olive oil and balsamic oil! I'm huge fan of salad but I used to use cheapest salad dressing in super markets or greek yogurt. After tasting Figone's olive oil, I can't go back to the cheap dressing. It totally blew my mind! Here's the photo of my dinner with Figone's:

It's very expensive for an intern student. But it makes me more happy while having dinner :-)

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