Saturday morning, woke up at 8 and wondered how I could started my wonderful weekend. I decided to go to Trader Joe's for my salad ingredient. Pulling the cart with the free coffee they served, I was looking at those fresh vegetable and thinking why not preparing a nice meal for myself. So I carried two full bags of vegetable and fruits for my new improvisation.

It took me two hours from preparing to serve on the table (plus tons of time on arranging and photoshooting). Of course dessert is a must for weekend indulgence.

The sour apple sauce is the leftover of apple pie I made few days ago. I'll post the recipe and process if I make the second round. (The previous pie crust is a failure because I didn't follow the recipe haha)

Most of the time I have salad as my meal because it's easy, healthy, low-calories and quick! I like to change the ingredient to surprise myself. Few weeks ago I really liked to add mint into my salad.

If you're worried about the calories from salad dressing, I would recommend greek yogurt! I think I love greek yogurt too much that I have it almost EVERYDAY! ;-)

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