In Taiwan, Father's Day is at Aug 8. Two years ago today, I jumped on the airplane coming to the US and haven't had chance celebrating Father's Day since then. Before leaving my home, I left my handmade leather bag at my father's room.

This year, I decided to make a photobook which allows me to make it in the US and get it printed and shipped in Taiwan.

Of course it's all written in Chinese. You'll find something interesting if you can read it.... ( secret...)

Overall it's around 80 pages. It took me a month to select photos (from I was born), design the layout, edit the content, make it more interesting... Originally my idea was making a "design magazine-ish" photobook (B&W, aloof, blur or shadows...) but that doesn't really fit the vibe of my family. I do miss my family and all the memory while I was working on this... 

Thank you for supporting me, dad! You're awesome! ;-)