Got off from the airplane, transferring from bus to train, towing my luggage to the apartment, I was the only one wearing the long boots on the street in 90° F (30° C). Most people say English is pretty common here but I don't think I can live here without learning basic German. In the supermarket, the clerk said the amount of money in German sincerely over and over again. Sorry I really can't understand... Don't get me wrong; I was not complaining. I already love here! So many lovely coffee shops and beer garden around my place. (Honestly, I started to drink coffee and beer from this year so I can't really tell you how good it is.)

I run into this hindered coffee shop this afternoon because I need some caffeine after a short nap. Surprisingly, the staff here speaks good English. Then he said he's from England. He moved to Berlin earlier this year because it's cheaper to make music here. Before, they had to travel to an affordable studio to rehearse. Now they focus on making new music and will have tour sometimes. Check out the music here>>>


It suddenly rained in the late afternoon and became cooler. It seems the temperature will drop dramatically this week so it's better to bring jacket with you all the time even though it's hot and humid in the day time. 

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