This solo trip has been pretty rough. Lots of unexpected happened but luckily I still got through and came back to Berlin eventually. It's truly an adventure. I'm happy to share it privately haha. Anyway, Amsterdam is a beautiful city but now it's really touristic and commercialized. 

Now I like to go explore a city without any solid plan. I did mark some spots on Google map and I think I marked this store Raw Materials when I found it on Pinterest or Cereal

I love the vintage furnitures and accessories in this store. Too bad I'm moving around all year long so I can't take any with me.

I've seen hoverboard many times on Skrillex's snapchat and luckily I had chance to step on it thanks to my friend! The first try was pretty scary because it started to run before I balanced myself. I threw my phone to my friend and asked to take a photo of me RIGHT NOW!! (before I fell down haha)

I did successfully maneuver the hoverboard eventually ;-) It's very nimble and looks cool on the street.

Although this trip was not as smooth as I expected, I did learn a lot of lessons during these three days. Life is never easy but I grow after overcoming some difficulties. The most important lesson I learned while traveling solo: The faster I can find the solution and adjust myself when shit happens, the more I can enjoy the journey. Life is too short to complain about something you can't change. 

My 26 has been amazing! I've traveled around, experienced a lot of different things that I've never tried before. I resumed dancing and had more confidence than before. I met awesome people who are passionate about their career, interests and life. I had dark period of time so I appreciate what I have even more. Keep searching another local min in mindquake ;-)