Don't be deceived by these wonderful sunny photos. This is NOT what I experienced when I got here from Berlin for 3-hrs bus ride! The rain was pouring and I didn't have an umbrella (well... I come from California...). I bought an 7€ umbrella in the train station and it broke in 10 min.... I was standing under the highway and pondering what I can do. Then I decided to go to Kunsthalle art museum to dry myself out. 

kunsthalle museum

Personally I prefer modern art than classic oil painting. There are both in the exhibition to cater different taste. The old building is currently under modernized reconstruction and will reopen in 2016. The student ticket is only 6€.

The rain stopped pouring around 2 so I happily ran outside and wandered to the historic district. The great thing about this trip is that I didn't have solid plan when I got here so everything is unexpected. The view along the river is breathtaking!

It happened that a rock music festival was held in the Mitte district. Lots of beer tents and street food were crowded along the river. I sit at the bank while having a falafel and raspberry ice cream and enjoyed the sunshine with brief drizzle. 

It turned colder in the late afternoon and started raining again so I ditched out heading to a lovely cafe. 

Hamburg is a beautiful with historic old buildings compared with Berlin. Lots of young and old couples wandered along the river kissing each other. Don't worry if you come here alone, they city will make you fall in love with it.

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