In mid September, my friend came from Chicago and I went hiking to Static Peak at Grand Teton National Park. We got there after snowing. Camping that night was pretty cold and scary - animal sounds loomed in the dark. We woke up before sunrise ready for this more than 17 miles hike.


Morning was pretty foggy. The whole hike was kinda mellow even with some snow. The trails in national parks are usually pretty well-maintained.  


The elevation kicked my friend's ass since he came straight from sea level. I've lived at Park City for a while so didn't feel too bad.

My friend had minor headache around the peak.

My friend had minor headache around the peak.


At the end of the day we were both exhausted. This was my second time at Grand Teton National Park and I couldn't stop looking at those intensely sharp peaks. 

We camped at a free site outside of the park that night (Link.) I really like the campsite because I could see the whole series of Grand Teton peaks from there. 

DSC_6079 copy.jpg

Next day my friend wanted to check out the Old Faith (I already went to Yellowstone in July.)


Tourists are more than wildlife which is the reason I don't like to go to Yellowstone that much...


After two weeks, I went to Glacier National Park where I've been thinking going for a while. It's more than 10 hrs drive so I've been hesitant. (I love traveling but I hate driving.) 


It was snowing when I got there. I realized it was already too late and the ranger was not in service anymore. 


While waiting the snow dying down, I was reading book in my car and fell asleep... The sun came out around 1pm and I wrapped myself and started to hike. Met few people hiking down, saw snowflakes sparkling in the air and clouds around the mountains gradually cleared out.


Finally reached Grinnell Glacier


I actually enjoy hiking by myself on the mountains and think things through. No phone, no talk, no distraction. It really allows me to rationally analyze without interference. As I grow older, I realize the quality of life and my happiness depend on daily decisions: what's important in my life, what matters at this moment, what I really care, what and who I love. Others don't matter. You gotta prioritize; you gotta choose; or you'll lose everything. Disorganized life leads you nowhere.


This trip I was sleeping at the backseat of my car for two nights and felt miserable when I woke up. Cold can food was the worst thing ever! I gotta be smarter about my meal preparation while keeping under super low budget.