“The truth will set you free. But not until it is finished with you.”

Recently I watched a great movie - The end of the tour, which is a story about interview trip between well-known writer David Foster Wallace and Rolling Stone reporter David Lipsky. The intelligent conversation in the movie is really intriguing. It makes me want to read "Infinite Jest" which is the book written by David Foster Wallace. It seems talking about the loneliness, ego, love, feelings, anxiety, desperation, freedom searching.. all the questions I have in my mind. By traveling by myself, I try to search the answers, or getting close to the truth.

Some people think I'm crazy that going to Mexico by myself. I guess this quote from The end of the tour describes my action best...

“I was really stuck. ... It was like, I really sort of felt like my life was over at twenty-seven ortwenty-eight. And that felt really bad, and I didn’t wanna feel it. And so I would do all kinds of things...You know, that kind of desperate, very American, ‘I will fix this somehow, by taking radical action.’ And, you know, that lasted for a, that lasted for a couple of years.”

I was staying in a cheap hotel in Tijuana which only cost $15 per night. It was not bad for that price.

"it may be what in the old days was called a spiritual crisis or whatever. It's just the feeling as though the entire, every axiom of your life turned out to be false, and there was actually nothing, and you were nothing, and it was all a delusion. And that you were better than everyone else because you saw that it was a delusion, and yet you were worse because you couldn't function."

Met a local walking with me along the beach. He barely spoke English and I don't speak any Spanish. He tried to tell me it was too dangerous to walk alone in Rosarito so I didn't stay long in Mexico. Considering 3-hr waiting at the border when going back, I probably won't make a road trip to Mexico in the near future. 

It is still a good solo-trip.
Beautiful beach, good tacos, heart-warming people.

“That sometimes human beings have to just sit in one place and, like, hurt. That you will become way less concerned with what other people think of you when you realize how seldom they do.”