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Tanzania Kilimanjaro Road Trip


Tanzania Kilimanjaro Road Trip

At one weekend in July, my friend and I spontaneously went for a road trip around Kilimanjaro. 

From Moshi to Simba Farm where we camped, it was around 3-4 hours. Engare Nairobi to Moshi was another 7 hours. Can't remember the exact time we spent since we both love photography and stopped pretty often for shooting. 

This was my second time to Simba Farm. Check out my first adventure here. Camping here at night was really nice - way too nice for us tbh. It was also very cold... thanks my friend got a sleeping bag for me or I would not survive....

When we left at the second day, my friend found out we got flat tire. The only spare tire in the car was much smaller than it should be. The worker in Simba Farm helped us to install the spare tire. We were planning driving slowly back to town call it a day. Then we found some workers were welding the rims in Engare Nairobi - where my friend described it as wildwest in 50'.

2USD and my very limited Swahili - we got our tires fixed and well-fed by mama and continued our road trip.

The trip was amazing! Along the way we saw deserted area, prairie, artificial pine forest, Masai people, kids playing soccer... we were waving and greeting to everyone we saw. Most of them happily greeted us with their big smile. Of course sometimes we got "mzungu!!" in greetings too. (mzungu = white people)

Well then we found out no gas in tank. Had no idea when we would reach the next gas station. All we could do was keeping driving and finger crossed. 

Found a dukani (store) selling petro by litters. We added 2L and kept searching for gas station. Luckily we didn't need to push our car in the middle of the road in this journey.

Adventure, unexpected events, beautiful view, glamping, nice local people and great mzungu traveling buddy - couldn't ask for more.