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The beauty of aerodynamics - Porsche and Mercedes museum @ Stuttgart


The beauty of aerodynamics - Porsche and Mercedes museum @ Stuttgart

When I visited Munich last weekend for Oktoberfest, my friend, a car lover, mentioned the Porsche and Mercedes museum in Stuttgart which is 2.5 hrs away from Munich. He had a car but too bad I couldn't drive manual so he had to drive all the way there and back haha. Although I'm not a car designer, it's very fascinating to see these beautiful curve and transition. (I'm not really into mechanical part even though I was an engineer)

This model was created before second world war. The designer is a nut!

Oh yeah I wish I had it... I even didn't have a chance to sit in it... You can rent a Porsche car at museum but it need 2 weeks ahead of reservation (a month if you want to rent it in the weekend). The price is not cheap so I didn't think about it. There's also Porsche factory allowing people to take a peak of how it's manufactured. But it only opens in weekdays and reservation is also required.

Then we decided to visit the Mercedes Benz museum nearby.

This museum is huge. The interior is very well-designed in terms of user experience. 

I love the design of elevator. It represents the time capsule taking you back to the history.

It takes you from the very beginning of the history from the top floor to the modern cars which located at the lower floor. At the end, it takes you back to the classic cars again.  I'm wondering who designed this museum. A lot of details are well-crafted.

If you are really interested in car, BMW museum is in Munich. I didn't have chance to take a look but my friend said it's also very cool.

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