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Yellow-tinted Autumn @ Copenhagen


Yellow-tinted Autumn @ Copenhagen

Copenhagen is my favorite city so far (well, I've only been to Amsterdam and Prague...). The tree leaves turned red and yellow falling down on the grass; sunshine projected through the branches and created patterns on the pathway; ran into a nicely-designed cafe where the choice of lighting, pillows and furnitures was just right; hanging out with my friend who is a contemporary dancer I met in Berlin and also the reason why I traveled to Copenhagen.

Night bus is 8 hours ride including getting on the boat for about an hour. I would suggest booking the flight earlier so you can get a good price and it's only an hour. Copenhagen is quite a small city that you can just walk or bike around. 

Walking in this beautiful park is like a dream for me since there's nothing like this in Taiwan neither LA. Everything is just beautiful in Copenhagen. (Some people even complain it's way too beautiful)

Yellow, yellow, yellow.

Christiania is an interesting place that you can buy weed on the street. I didn't know much about it but it seems like an independent municipal. You can bring your sleeping bag there and find a free place to stay.
I would suggest going to Paper island, just at the other side of Nyhavn. There's a building where you can find street food from all over the world. Sitting on the bank while enjoying good food and the view towards Nyhavn is quite enjoyable.


My fav cafe so farrrrrrrrrr

Copenhagen is more expensive than Berlin for sure. But it's still acceptable. I've lived in San Francisco for 4 months this summer so I feel the price is reasonable. Paris, Zürich, Oslo are the places that I can't afford to travel right now...

oh ho ho ho.... I love this! It seems not hard to make it by yourself. I'm gonna try to make this for my lunch! (Please let me know if you have a good resource of recipe / ingredient / tips!)

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