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I've been really obsessed with snowboarding since the first day I learned (2015 Dec at Big Bear). The next week I drove to Mammoth mountain by myself and never want to go back to Bear. There are so many reasons that Mammoth has been my favorite so far. I haven't been to many places snowboarding (the other place I've been is Keystone at Colorado). 

I think I love snowboarding so much is because it gives me the freedom that I've dreamed of. Only me and my board enjoy the mountain and beautiful view. There's nothing between me and nature. Forget about all the trivial shitty things, relationship, career, what other people tell you should do... it allows me to escape the reality. Also, everytime I stand on the board I improve a little bit. It was not easy for me to learn snowboarding at the beginning. But I never gave up and kept coming up to the mountain. When I was able to do continuous S carving and felt the wind blow through my hair, the feeling was really awesome!

I used to like to go travel and ride by myself. Then I met some great people in hostels who were willing to ride with me and teach me. They are super amazing and I feel really grateful. I know it's not fun tagging with beginner especially I would sit there for a while everytime I fell down. To thanks those people who had helped me, I brought my friends to Mammoth and taught them snowboarding this week. I'm not a super skilful snowboarder but I know how to not eat shit all day. 

Going to hot spring after snowboarding has been my ritual. Watching sunset and the color change on mountain makes me feel there's nothing I need to worry. I feel I don't need any other thing to make me feel happy. Happiness is here.  Life is good. 

I can't describe the feeling in words really well. Only by coming to the mountain you would understand what truly freedom is. Also,




Recently I've been working on a product design project for snowboarders- a head protective garment for snowboarders who don't like to wear helmet- Powsnob. Check it out and give me feedback on what you like and what you don't like!