This is my second time visiting Escalante, Utah. Last time I checked out this place by myself in July, 2017 and got lost in the desert... I was lucky to find the way back to my car and didn't need any rescue. Here is my instagram story.

I also smashed my camera at the last trip (because of my stupidity.) In the past few months, I've tried to save money and get a new (it's actually used) NIKON D610 - my first full-frame camera. I'm also stoked to get a new lens works on full-frame DSLR (oh god why is it so expensive?) I contacted the park ranger I met last time and headed down to Escalante before Donald Trump destroys this place.


Swing by Bryce National Park. I had been here 3 years ago so I didn't stay long. Plus I had incredible pain from my period that day I was seriously dying in my car...

The park ranger Mike took me to some non-touristic spots with his 4WD (my Honda Civic wouldn't make it.) Thanks his guide and knowledge, I was able to explore this amazing place SAFELY!

DSC_9581 copy.jpg
Please don't doodle on the rock... it's illegal and you'll get a ticket!

Please don't doodle on the rock... it's illegal and you'll get a ticket!


It was pretty cold in December. But like any other park in Utah, it didn't get snow this year... It's usually covered by couple feet of snow in winter - which means you can go backcountry skiing!


The next day morning we had a nice breakfast in this (only?) restaurant/trading post in Boulder. 


Ohhhhhh I love cats! This cat looks like my cat, piupiu. He audaciously walked up to my shoulder when I petted him. 


Then we went hiking at Harris Wash heading to Cosmic Eye (or Cosmic Ashtray.)


There's no obvious trail. GPS is recommended. I can't remember how I got there. I don't suggest venturing by yourself if you have no experience hiking in desert. 

Cosmic eye

Cosmic eye


It's pretty sad that Donald Tump wants to exploit this place for coal mining and such. Patagonia filed a lawsuit against his action. To see more details, visit Patagonia site here.